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Space Adventures - the only company to have
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Lunar Mission   Orbital Spaceflight   Suborbital Spaceflight   Zero Gravity Flights
Be the world's first private lunar explorer, see the far side of the moon and witness the Earth rise.
Rocket to space, orbit Earth 200 miles above its surface and live in weightlessness.
Soar into suborbital space to see the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space.
Experience true weightlessness on our ZERO-G flight -- float, flip and soar as if you were in space.

Sarah Brightman receives worldwide attention after announcing her plans to take a private spaceflight.

In October 2012, global recording artist Sarah Brightman received worldwide media attention when she announced her plans to launch to space.  See for yourself how extraordinary the response was....

Why a Private Mission to the Moon is Important

Watch as Space Adventures' Chairman Eric Anderson describes why our private Circumlunar Mission has broad implications for the long-term future of private manned spaceflight and discusses the role private enterprise has in exploration.

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