Relearning the Little Things: Astronauts’ Everyday Adventures While Living In Zero Gravity

Relearning the Little Things: Astronauts’ Everyday Adventures While Living In Zero Gravity See how our space explorers fared while going about their “normal” daily routines With the thrill, adventure and prestige associated with traveling to space, it can be easy to forget that simple everyday tasks are made extraordinary. In zero gravity, ordinary functions such as bathing, eating and sleeping [...]

May 12, 2014|

Rocket-mounted Camera Records Stunning Footage of Soyuz launch

For the first time ever, incredible footage has been released of a Soyuz-ST launch, from the perspective of a rocket camera mounted on the side. The stunning video gives viewers a new perspective, and along with it, a front-row seat of the rocket from the launch pad, through Earth’s atmosphere and into space, flying with an astonishing view of Earth [...]

Apr 15, 2014|

A Journey So Nice, He Took It Twice

Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space in 1961 and since then slightly more than 500 people have followed into the next frontier. Of those, only seven were private space citizens. Of those seven, there’s only been one to make a repeat trip – Charles Simonyi. For Simonyi, the dream of traveling to space began at a young age. [...]

Apr 7, 2014|

A Giant Leap for Water Conservation

Before Guy Laliberté went to space on Space Adventures’ eighth private spaceflight mission, he’d already changed the world. For 25 years, more than 100 million people had packed theaters on every continent except Antarctica to witness Cirque du Soleil, the entertainment experience he founded in 1984.  But as Guy sat in his space suit, training to become Canada’s first space tourist, [...]

Mar 23, 2014|

Rockets of Human Spaceflight

Rockets of Human Spaceflight Great infographic showing the different rockets that have made (and will continue to make) human spaceflight possible.  Developed by Tyler Skrabek of

Apr 4, 2013|

50 Years of Space Exploration

Where have we been in space - 50 Years of Space Exploration.  I missed this very cool graphic when it was first published 3 years ago.  Original at

Nov 1, 2012|
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