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Before you can experience the wonder of spaceflight, you must first learn about the environment and technology that you will encounter on your journey. Space Adventures provides training for both orbital and suborbital spaceflight. These programs combine medical screenings with accurate and realistic simulations, delivering experiences similar to the real thing.

Spaceflight Training

This is not space camp. These programs are demanding and challenging. In some cases you will be training alongside professional astronauts and cosmonauts.

Cosmonaut Overview Training

Immerse yourself in the cosmonaut training process, and experience what it takes to become a cosmonaut. More>>.
Soyuz Simulator

The Soyuz Simulator has been used since the 1960s to train cosmonauts in flying the most reliable spacecraft available. Learn how to fly this spacecraft in Star City, Russia. More>>.


Test your body in a high-G environment.  The centrifuge in Star City, Russia is the largest in the world. It is designed to exert up to 10 times the force of gravity on Earth for manned training exercises.  It will give you the sensation of a rocket launch, while remaining here, on Earth. More>>.


Spacewalk Training


Experience a spacewalk, without going to space. In Star City's Neutral Buoyancy facility or in the spacewalk simulator, you can take a simulated spacewalk outside of a full scale model of the International Space Station.  More>>.