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Space Adventures has arranged the spaceflight missions for seven private citizens who have completed eight missions to space

Clients - Completed Missions

Space Adventures has successfully flown seven private citizens on eight missions to the International Space Station. Former Microsoft exec Charles Simonyi completed his second mission in April 2009 and became the Space Adventures first repeat customer.

Guy Laliberte crew photo
Guy Laliberte

September 2009, 12 days in space

Charles Simonyi Crew Photo
Charles Simonyi

2 missions, April 2007 and April 2009, total 25 days in space

Richard Garriott
October 2008, 12 days in space

Anousheh Ansari
- September 2006, 10 days in space

Greg Olsen - October 2005, 9 days in space
Mark Shuttleworth - April 2002, 8 days in space
Dennis Tito - April 2001, 7 days in space