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Suborbital Spaceflight Partner

Armadillo_AerospaceSpace Adventures’ goal is to offer a variety of suborbital spaceflight options to our clients and we have extreme confidence that Armadillo Aerospace is poised to be the first to offer commercial flights to suborbital space.  

In April 2010, Space Adventures announced an exclusive marketing agreement with Armadillo Aerospace.  This means the only way to reserve your space on an Armadillo rocket is through Space Adventures.  Armadillo Aerospace has an outstanding track record of success in developing rocket engine systems, and when combined with Space Adventures success in enabling private spaceflight, the partnership is bound to deliver the best suborbital spaceflight experience imaginable.

About Armadillo Aerospace
Armadillo Aerospace is a leading developer of reusable rocket powered vehicles. Founded in 2000, Armadillo Aerospace has an unequaled experience base with over 200 flight tests spread over a dozen different vehicles. The company has done work for NASA and the United States Air Force, and flown vehicles at every X-Prize Cup event.