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Suborbital Spaceflight Sample Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrival   
Transfer to hotel and check in

Day 2:  Training
8:00        Tour of Spaceport: visit the mission control center and the vehicle   
10:30      Training (including a space suit fit-check)
16:00      Medical screening and consultation
17:00      Waiver signing ceremony

Day 3:  Spaceflight
6:00        Final medical screening and suit up
7:00        Departure from hotel
8:00        Arrival at the spaceport, interview and photo session
10:00      Launch
11:00      Post flight celebration and award ceremony

•    Ground transportation
•    Accommodations for two nights
•    Tour of Spaceport and the mission control center
•    Suborbital spaceflight training
•    Medical consultations and screening
•    Suborbital spaceflight
•    DVD of your experience including video and photo
•    Post flight celebration
•    Astronaut wing(s)

Non-flyer package will be available for family and friends.

Itinerary and inclusions are subject to change.